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Another Sisyphus

Another Sisyphus by Brian Milton

Written by Brian Milton.


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ANOTHER SISYPHUS is the story of Hussein, a young English-born Muslim of Pakistani extraction who becomes a Shaheed – a Martyr – by slaughtering 22 people, mostly infidels, on the London Underground.

He awakes to find the Islamic promise of seventy-two virgins has been fulfilled.

The virgins, nearly all teenagers, are not there to discuss philosophy, politics, or the state of the world.

Hussein sets out to road test the girls in his own version of the Domesday Book.

He discovers, as Albert Camus observed in The Myth of Sisyphus, that the only time - between non-stop shagging – that he can be ‘authentic’ about his ‘holy slaughtering’ is the five times a day set aside for Islamic prayers.

Specifically, Hussein finds a need to discover why Islam, universally acknowledged as boss religion 1,000 years ago, has produced no single original thought since 1453 and the sacking of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks.

He decides – too late for his 22 infidel victims – to re-examine Islam and his own life while continuing the virgin road test.

This first pass through the virgins ends in a review of his last year of life in London, introducing a Muslim girl and her two English friends, and a dinner for four with a robust exchange of views about Islam in England.

When the Muslim girl storms out in a snit, discussion turns to the lost world of English values.

Meanwhile in Paradise the virgins revolt in dialogues which question traditional Islamic values.

Hussein concludes that there may be some doubt he is in Paradise at all.

ANOTHER SISYPHUS may cause offence.

There is a guarantee that no teddy bears appear in the book, so no one faces forty lashes, much less thousands of demonstrators calling for a holy execution.

ANOTHER SISYPHUS is Brian Milton’s first fictional work. He wrote it over the warm summer of 2006 when there was heightened activity by the security services in keeping track of two thousand Muslim terrorists alleged to be planning atrocities in Britain.

Brian Milton has had a number of adventures in his life – he drove a 1937 Austin 7 Ruby across the Sahara Desert and down through the Congo as a young man to marry his first and so far only wife – but his main career was in journalism. He was a BBC reporter and editor for ten years, and spent fifteen years in television as a reporter, editor and presenter.

The three books he has already published were about off-beat flying adventures.

He lives in London, and occasionally, in France.

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Virgin Qualities
So what does it take to be one of Hussein's virgins?

Another Sisyphus - racist?
This book is about Islam in the west, not about race.


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Another Sisyphus
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Another Sisyphus
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